Our project in a nutshell

In our project we wanted to have a look at democracy in our home countries. Plus we wanted to have a practical use of it:

The German partner school would give us some ideas and best practice examples for establishing a students’ council at our schools in Murcia (Spain) and De Pinte (Belgium). So in the beginning of our project we all travelled to Plochingen in the south of Germany to get some input there. Here we also occupied ourselves with research and reflection on the development of democracy in our own countries. In spite of a gap in the age of the participants we quickly became friends and had fun getting to know each other and working on the project. The information of the two headboys of the German school aroused our interest in the work of a students’ council. So we started making plans how to convince the other students at home to install a students’ council there too. We also had some sightseeing tours, which took us to the «stumble stones» in Esslingen, reminders of the Nazi past in that town and to Heidelberg, where we visited the birthplace of Friedrich Ebert, one of the founding fathers of democracy in Germany. We also had a regular school day with our new German friends in their classes.

Our next travel destination was Murcia in Spain where we visited historical places. We compared the ancient society with our new one, reflecting on the benefits of fair trials before court or equality before the law nowadays. At school we also had a debating course plus a subsequent debating session with mixed international teams. We took up positions with topics whether or not prison is a deterrent or the role of a students’ council at school and so on. A regular school day with our Spanish friends was highly interesting for us. The time in Murcia ended with a feedback session of our project so far.

Apart from the journeys we worked at our schools on the project, evaluating the previous exchange and preparing the following one, discussed possibilities of installing a students’ council at our schools, took extra language lessons in Spanish, English or German or had a look at different European countries (like the UK or Hungary) or at the EU in general.

Before we all could visit our Belgian friends, who already had prepared a fantastic programme, there was the complete lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic. It is a shame because this would have been something extraordinary with a visit of the European Parliament in Brussels and other highlights.

At our school Erasmus De Pinte we are planning to start with a students’ council in October this year. Let’s wait and see how it will develop!

In the Spanish institution, IES Juan Carlos I, we are preparing a new approach to the students’ council linked to the group of students who are involved in EU Embassadors. We are looking forward for upcoming events!

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